EC hair loss

When did your hair start to come out on EC? xxx

Hi Soworridl, I had my first EC on May 5, by second week it was coming out, and by 22nd. it was shedding wildly. I hung onto it for a bit, wearing little summer hats and pushing my hair up inside. However, once It was literally coming out in handfuls ( down the shower, all over the bed pillows) I looked like a monk.  My hairdresser shaved it off for me on 25th. To be honest, I was glad to get rid of it as my head hurt as the hair follicles died off. I had shortish hair, too. I already had my wig - which didn’t go over my own hair well - so I was good to go. Not that it wasn’t upsetting, it was. My hairdresser provided copious amounts of wine, and my hubby was there to hold my hand. Gotta do what you Gotta do! ? X

I’m waiting too! Day 12 for me, keep checking but seems ok so far. I’m usually due a cut by now, but it doesn’t seem to have grown as much as normal? Or maybe I’m just kidding myself! Bit anxious about when it’ll happen - haven’t been told my wig is ready yet. Xx

I’m day 12 too! :confused: xxx