Happy Story but nothing to do with cancer! I work at our local senior center with early stage dementia clients. We had a client named Dina. A very tiny petite Italian woman named Dina. Everyone who comes there loves her. Dina is 85 with the mental decline. Her mother is alive and turning 105 in Sept. Her mother has no mental decline but has some physical issues. She lives in her own house still with a care giver. Dina doesn’t come to our center anymore they have been taking her to a different facility. They wrote to us yesterday and asked to bring her back to us, but said not for a couple weeks. Diana’s son took her to Italy to visit her mom for 2 weeks!!! Dina moved to the USA when she was 19 and has only seen her mom a handful of times. I’m so happy for her! I cried all evening and am crying now. I would loved to have seen the reunion! FF

Ah what a lovely story FF. x