ECT for skin metastases

Hi guys, has anyone had this type of treatment recently? Got new ER+ metastasis in left breast, same side that had primary.  Awaiting CT result to check for further spread, however as my latest blood test in mid Sept showed nothing unusual I’m hoping not. 

I know nothing of this type of SBC (originally had Mets in liver and nodes under arm) but having read up on here (thank you BCN) it seems that 1 in 3 receives this additional diagnosis?  Any info please?

Hugs xx  Sheila

Hi Sheila

My oncologist has toyed with the idea of electrochemotherapy which is common in treating skin cancers and skin oncologists are interetsted in extending it to skin mets. All I know is the treatment is usually under GA, that a tiny electrode is put into the skin met and precisely 8 minutes later, the chemo therapy is administered. I believe the electrode (I’m using the term but it may be wrong) draws the drug to the specific sites, ensuring that less of the chemo is wasted wandering round the body pointlessly, except to make us feel crap. I have several new subcutaneous mets a week now but only a couple would qualify to ECT at this point so it’s patience and more Cape for me. It seems a simple solution for an unpleasant metastases. I don’t know about yours but none of mine show up on CT or MRI sans so it’s just guesswork. Hope you get thee chance to try it.xx

Hi i have had ect in june im about 2 have a 2nd ect on 18th november im scared now cause im not allowed oxygen after 1st round whens your ect xx 

Have contacted people in Spain who are doing this. Sometimes they will do without the chemo injected also.