eczema around nipple

I had a small patch of eczema and went to GP who referred me to hospital. Mammogram showed 2 areas which consultant said radiographer would call me back for (something she said several times although she did say she was happy!) I wasn’t called back and after 4 weeks rang for resukts and was told there were 2 benign lumps. Eczema finally cleared after 3 months with cream. My problem is there is no real diagnosis of benign tumours and I do worry what made consultant seem so sure I would be called back but wasn’t. Do I accept this or question it but who to?

Hi Sandra

I would go back to your GP and ask advice, or maybe ring your consultants secretary to see if there is a ‘next step’. They are obviously not worried but it isnt fair to leave you up in the air like this.

Yvonne xx

Hi Sandra

I would suggest that you go back to your GP. I don’t want to worry you but eczema around the nipple can be a sign of Pagets disease. There is information about it on this website. You could print it off and take to GP.
Having said that, if it has cleared up it is probably not Pagets but it is worth checking. I had Pagets and it wasn’t picked up until I had surgery for DCIS. If it was Pagets it is treatable.

Best Wishes



Thanks for your comments, I also feel that as eczema has gone its probably ok but haven’t got peace of mind (something I think we all need).

I’ll ring my GP and talk to her hopefully she’ll put my mind at rest as to how they know the small benign lumps are benign, what are they and should I be keeping an eye on them.

Incidentally had my result letter come thru I wouldn’t have known I had benign lumps, it was just that after 4 weeks I’d heard nothing so rang breast care nurse and she read it out to me, My letter, when it came, said mammogram was clear. Hope that means they are too insignificant to worry about!