Eczema or Paget’s?

Hi I was diagnosed a year ago had WLE and finished rads in March. My recent yearly follow up mammo was clear but when I saw my consultant this week he was concerned about the eczema under my scar (under nipple) and took a punch biopsy. I hadn’t given this rash a second thought before seeing him as I just thought it was eczema (I am a lifetime sufferer) now I’m so scared it’s pagets!! I should get the results by phone later on next week. Just to clarify the eczema only appeared last couple of months so sometime after I finish rads. The rash comes and goes - would a Paget’s rash do that? Thanks for listening Rebecca In Kent. Xx

Hope you get good news Rebecca .Pagets is quite rare so hopefully it is something far less worrying .

I’m going out of my mind with worry over this. I get the results Friday and am already a nervous wreck. How likely is a reoccurrence after 1 year? Does radiotherapy wipe out all stray cancer cells or can some be left behind?

I’m afraid it’s not impossible to get a re-occurrence but it’s much more likely to be something less sinister .Fingers crossed - the waiting is rubbish isn’t it ?

Got results today all clear thank goodness just eczema!?

Thank you x