Edinburgh Secondaries - New Support Group

A new group for those diagnosed with secondaries has been established. Meetings are to be held in the Macmillan Nurses Information Centre/Office at the Western General. Due to very short notice, only a small group were there on the 13th June.
The next meeting will be on September 5th from 18.00 - 19.30 and we thought that the first Monday of each month, would be a good place to start. These times/dates are not set in stone and can be flexible to try to reach as many of those who might be interested.
Meetings will be facilitated by one of the Macmillan Nurses, so they will kick them off, but then retire into the background, but will be available for any questions or one to ones in a private room.
Meetings can be what we want them to be and it was even suggested that in the future, we could invite someone e.g. health care professional, complementary therapist etc, to come along. If you require any furthewr info, please ask or PM me.

I was there too and very excited that this is going to start in Edinburgh. I was talking to Carol from Breast Cancer Care who is organising a Secondary Breast Cancer day here in September. She was delighted to hear this had started and was sure Breast Cancer Care would like to give us some support with it too. Look forward to meeting more of you in this same rocky boat!!