editing a thread

editing a thread

editing a thread Hi

when i am replying to a thread i am in full flow ,then when i am finish then realise that i have missed something out, then you have to put another reply on, can we not have a edit button so u can go back, also when you replying you only see that one post you are replying to cant we have it so you can see all posts on that topic, as a lot of times you want to reply back but to more than one person.


I too seem to be having trouble posting. I’ve posted twice to my thread and neither have appeared. I don’t know why as both times it’s said that it would be reviewed and then posted.

problems posting Dear Casey63

I have checked your account and it should be working fine.

If you log in you will see start new topic underlined just below the headline, click on this, write your message then press preview, check the post then press post.

If you want to reply to someone else’s post then just click reply to the right of their message then go through the same process as above.

I hope this helps. If you are still having problems can you email me at the adress below and I will try to help further.

Kind regards

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