EE (Everolimus/Exemestane) Question!

This may sound a little unimportant but its not to me!!


My teeth are really stained, and I havent been to the dentist in about a year now. I am very self conscious, and am desperate to have them cleaned and polished.  However, I am on EE, which is known to cause problems in the mouth especially mouth ulcers-in fact I have already had to have a 10 day break from it to get a big one under my tongue to heal as it was stopping me from eating it was so painful.


I am back on it now, but want to get my teeth cleaned!! Does anyone out there have experience of having dental work on this combo, and if so, is it safe? Dentist keeps saying it is the teeth they are cleaning not the gums, so thinks he thinks it is OK, but then why does the info on EE stress the importance of using a soft toothbrush to brush teeth while on it, as the gums must become quite tender and vulnerable…



Any advice much appreciated!!!



Hi Mowser

I have been on e/e for 16month now my advise would be to ask your dentist I assume you are also on denosumab bone injections. My gums have been sore in the past but teeth have remained ok I have 6 month checkups at the dentist. I know of 2 ladies that had to come off both treatments to have dental work done but I cannot say how teeth whitening would effect you I would have thought it could mess with your gums but in all truth I don’t know.

Best of luck x