Effected arm recovery

I’m 6 months post op, right side MX, immediate braxton reconstruction and SNB x4, followed by radioT. I do the exercise 2 to 3 times a day and i have returned to work.


I do clerical work and lots of computer work, for the last 6 weeks i’ve been working full time. Sadly my fingers and hand have begun to swell in the evening. At first i thought it was the hot weather. I’ve started using the computer mouse with my left-hand even though i’m right handed but there was no improvement. After one particularly busy day my fingers were numb, i had shooting pains in my upper arm and had to break out the pain killers.


My GP isn’t happy so i’m trying to change my duties, however, she says it’s not lymphoedema. I may have a trapped nerve in my elbow or shoulder. 


I’m wondering has anyone had any problems with their effected arm that wasn’t lymphoedema?


Have you phoned your Breast Care Nurse? It sounds to me as though you need to get expert advice. Are you still under a specific consultant or have all your adjuvant treatments ended? If you’re still under a consultant, you could ask to have an appointment with him/her. Your BCN should be able to advise on whom you should see. It doesn’t sound as though your GP is really up to dealing with this.


Don’t whatever you do continue to put strain on the affected arm and hand.


All the best.



Just a thought have you had a workplace assessment done on your return to work, it is possible that they need to make some adjustments that could possibly help with the issue you are having. 


Helena xx

YES!!! Although I already had the numbness and pain in my left arm a year before I found my cancer. I sort of wondered (after a google search) signs and symptoms of cancer and I met quite a few of them. But at 38 and no family history didn’t think it was. I am being referred to a lymphodemea clinic for my “swollen” arm. I don’t have a swollen arm. Just the pain and numbness and swollen fingers and pain in them. Painkillers don’t seem to work. Weirdly after the surgery- before chemo and radiotherapy I stopped having any pain!? X