Effects of sudden removal of Mirena coil

Just wondering if other people here have had their Mirena coil removed as a result of diagnosis? It was one of the first things that the surgeon said to me, that it would have to come out, she removed it while I was under for the lumpectomy. I now feel very odd, but I don’t know how much of this is the effects of the op, anaesthetic,  lack of sleep etc. 

I have had a Mirena for around 18 years, I had my first one fitted when my YD was less than a year old and she will be 19 in November. I have always been fine with it. I now have the nagging doubt about it and the BC, but I will probably never know the answer to that. Just wondering if I am now in for a rocky ride with mood swings etc. I am 50 and no idea what menopause stage I am at. My mum’s was pretty much done and dusted by my age.

Don’t beat yourself up about it.

I am 56, post menopause, never had any hormonal birth control (except for about 6 weeks when I was 19), never smoked, prefer to eat whole foods rather than processed, and I got BC. And my BC is ER+8/8.  I am fat, though, and fat creates oestrogen (so I’ve heard) and so I keep thinking What if I had lost that weight all those years ago.  Hey if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen, and maybe we did do something that might have made it more likely, but maybe we didn’t. 


As far as the mood swings go, I reckon the diagnosis can be blamed for all of the above, mood swings and all.



I had a mirena coil in situ at the time of diagnosis last year (I’m 49). I had had it in nearly 5 years and because my cancer was hormone receptive I had it out - not sure if I NEEDED to have it out as I didn’t really ask, I just WANTED it out as didn’t like the fact I had something in me producing progesterone. I’ve heard it’s only locally produced (i.e. in the cervix/uterus) but I still didn’t want it in. Did it cause my BC? I’ve been told no, but suppose i’ll never know. Once it was removed I had the period from hell (I had it in place for heavy periods in the first place rather than contraception) so I suppose i’ve just returned to my menstruative state pre-coil. That was in January and since then they have settled, still heavy but i’m glad it’s out.

Chaffinch my lumpectomy was last Tuesday so nearly a week in but still need a nap every afternoon xx

I love colouring but right handed and right side lumpectomy so I find the repetition a bit painful x can still read though xx

Hi chaffinch hope you had a successful chat with your son hope you have managed to have a rest x