effexor - tell me about how it is for you,please...

I wrote a post the other day asking about clomipramine which I have been advised to try - I asked if I could have effexor instead as I know lots of people on this forum take it - I gather it works well with tamoxifen and I’ve also checked that it would be helpful to my OCD…the psych. said that it was more suitable for men because of the sweating !! I am desperate to have something that has the least poss. side effects and so I can function ‘normally’ - I just panic at the thought of not being in control and indeed of taking anything - I made enough fuss about tamoxifen (and that has been a breeze so far !)
thanks xxxhipperxx

anyone ?

I have tried effexor but did nothing for me !! This was before bc but since dx and treatment I did not go on it again as was so ineffective before. I know everyones different. A friend of mine is on it and swears by it. The only worry with it is it can effect the heart especially in higher doses. It is also very expensive so Gp etc do not always prescribe it even it may be beneficial.

Rachy xx

Hi Chipper

I have been on effexor for a year now and have found it has really helped. Can’t say it’s solved all my issues but it has allowed me to fell good enough to start tackling them myself.

It has caused a really dry mouth and has effected my appetite, I’m not often hungry but that aside its good for me. I was dx with secondaries during the last year and without these tablets i think i would have really lost it.

Any questions ask away.


thank you Rachy and Fuzzyface - I just wanted to be able to go to my GP armed with info from other people who use it. I guess every antid and every person is different.I know that clomipramine is considered to be the top,or one of the top drugs for ocd but I feel alarmed at having such a heavyweight thing thrown at me - my ocd is tolerable and not as bad is it has been in the past, positively ocd-lite in comparison.

I am on venlafaxine which is the same as Effexor, i think. It works well for me and have no really noticeable side effectrs from either that or the Tamoxifen.

The one I have has the letter XL after the brand name, which I believe means “modified release”, ie. the drug is administered into your system gradually rather than being dumped in one big load. To me this seems favourable !!

Good luck with it !!

Anna x

thanks annalou -that is helpful x

Hello. I take 2 x 37.5 venlafaxine per day and have no side effects.
Best wishes
Anthi x

thank you Anthi- that’s encouraging !

Hi Chipper.
I take one 75mg capsule a day and it’s same xl one Anna has mentioned. No side effects but if I miss a dose by accident or am a few hours too late I do notice a fuzzy like feeling in my head, but it goes when I eventually remember to take the capsule.

thanks gocat - I am pleased that you aqll seem to not have side effects :slight_smile:

I’m on slow release venalafaxine and it is good for me. My only side effect is clenching my teeth.
Nicky x

Hi Chipper,
I have been on Efexor for a few years now. I went on it originally for anxiety and I have had no problems with it and it has certainly helped me. I do as gocat mentioned notice a ‘fuzzy head’ if I forget to take one!. I was originally prescribed one a day but actually decided to take one every other day which I find works for me although since my dx I have upped the dose if I felt I needed it.
My Onc told me it works well with Tamoxifen and actually suppresses hot flushes which I didn’t know but has presumably helped as I am menopausal!!
Unfortunately somebody, presumably GP has put me on a different brand (cheaper?) and although the pharmicist assures me it is no different, I do think it is not working as well as the original Efexor.
Hope this helps,

Jane & Nicky - thanks - I feel I can put forward a case for effexor rather than clomipramine - it may sound skewed logic but I feel ‘happier’ having something that others I ‘know’ are taking - as with the tamoxifen buddies on here ! My OCD isn’t so bad that it cripples me,the anxiety is there and that is what I think needs having the edge taken off…clomipramine feels like heavy artillery to me - I’m sure I 'd start of happier and stick to something I felt more relaxed about taking -surely that sounds sensible ?

just to let you know that my GP agreed to precribe venlafaxine for me - so I’m on day 2 - it’s not Effexor as the pharmacy reckoned that was being discontinued (??) - it’s Alventa XL prolonged release 75 mg a day. I feel ok so far, very tired as I haven’t been sleeping well and a bit dry mouthed !

Hi chipper,
Thats what my doc has changed me to. I was told by the pharmacy that it was probably a cheaper version. I find it slightly different to Effexor maybe not quite so good but I suppose you get used to it. I may ask the doctor next time I see them if that is the case. The pharmacists always say that the make up of the meds is exactly the same but I don’t think so.
Sorry if this is a little garbled but my first dose of TAX has hit me today and chemo brain has def kicked in again.
Love to you,
Jane xx

thanks Jane- hope you are feeling ok after your chemo hit - I’m feeling ok -a bit nauseous but slept a little better last night ! I had a glass of wine with dinner and was worried it might make me feel odd,but it was ok- I drank it really slowly ! Will see how I get on and will be interesting to see what make I get next (I asked the pharmacist which tamox. they had in stock before handing over my prescription- I’d hate to have a different brand now I’m used to Wockhardt !!)

Hi Chipper,
I think as you get into a routine with the Alventa you will have no problems with it. I have never experienced any unpleasant effects and was always able to drink alcohol if I wanted to. That of course was all before dx day and of course everything is a bit different now. Had 4 of 6 chemo, rads to go yet before Tamoxifen or whatever they decide to give me. It will depend on whether I have finished the menopause I guess.
Hope the meds do the trick for you,
Love Jane xx

Thanks Jane - that is reasuring - wishing you lots of luck with the rest of your treatment…xxchipperxx