elaine karen ??

elaine karen ??

elaine karen ?? hey my friends where have you been? not heard from you since our cyber hol ,hope my antics didint put you off talking to me again!! lol! love lynn x

WHAT ABOUT ME??? Well, that’s nice, Lynn, ignore me why don’t you? :o)

Hope I’ll do as a stand-in till the others put in an appearance - how are you?

Valerie xxx

HELLO THERE… I’m here, don’t know where Elaines disappeared to though…we did bring her back with us …didn’t we??? lol

karen x

hiyah val sorry wasnt ignoring you only just a bit worried about our fellow buddy elaine, seems shes gone awol. maybe its her new handy man who has her occupied. !!anyway im ok just trying to get the strengnth up to return to work!,been away so long got lazy!!!anyway take care have a good weekend love lynn xx