elaine hi just wanted to send you a message of encouragement for another day, you will get through this its only a small glich on your journey and you needed a pit stop ok ! anyway hope you can rest up today and gather your lovely yellow clouds about you for protection sending you another big cyber hug take care speak soon love lynn xxx

Hi Hi Lyn

Been out all day again today, just got in…Had quite a few wobbles today and cried for most of it…that was until i decided to drop in on my grandson…for a couple of hours and lot of cuddles and hearing him say i love you nanny…brought a few yellow thoughts back for a short time…now here i am back at home alone and feeling down…Rang my counsellor today and begged her to see me…said i had failed…she is seeing me on Monday as an urgent case…feel awful, let family and friends down…

Tomorrow’s another day…


head up hey your not a failure just coming to terms with what has happened to you is a very daunting experience and you will get through this now that treatments atc have finished youve got time to dwell on it all but remember you have come through it ,and you have that wonderful grandson of yours to see through to adulthood ,he will get you through this mine are a joy to me ,i had the 3 boys of my eldest daughter to stay in the week and although i was exhausted when they went!! it gave me encouragement to go on.and i know i WILL get well again physically and mentally as you will.go buy yourself a large bunch of yellow daffodils and as they symbolise new beginnings and the start of another season.i do hope you can see your councellor and get the help you need i will be thinking of you and sending you warm yellow hugs take care speak to you very soon .love lynn xx