Electric shavers following lymph node clearance

I recently had full lymph node clearance and of course am worried about risk of lymphoedema with shaving so wanting to buy an electric razor as that’s a bit safer I know I will still need to be really careful about breaking the skin when shaving armpits. Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for an electric shaver that works well for armpits without having to apply too much pressure or go over and over an area. 


I got a Phillips razor which I always use and find good, I had my lymph nodes removed and up to now I haven’t had much regrowth .  I was wondering would it be worth using a sensitive hair removal cream 

I don’t even bother shaving properly anymore, I trim the hairs with electric man’s  beard shaver to not cause harm & just let nature take its course.

I found on my armpit where I had the lymp removed it’s not that hairy when it started to grow back, still don’t get that hairy.

My concern is the ingrown hair ,so this is why I just trim now .on all hairs .

I have Lymphoedema only in my breast and have had one bout of cellulitis. I didn’t shave the armpit at all and still had issues. I would go with creams if you want to remove hair in this area.