Electric shavers

Hi, I’m 49 and was diagnosed in Feb, had WLE and sentinel node biopsy, spread to nodes so 1 week ago I had axillary clearance. On Monday I had full hysterectomy as something in my ovary and uterus too so feeling pretty steamrollered!! Have afeing they didn’t look after my arm too well during gynae op as although initially it was fine, it’s now very swollen and painful. I do been told I musnt wet shave ever again, tried veet. Terrible reaction so tried my son in laws (!) electric shaver. Also really sore. Are ladies ones any better? Any recommendations, hate having hairy armpits!

Hiya, I only had sentinel nodes removed but have been wet shaving since with no probs, did they say why you couldn’t? i think you can buy underarm lady’s electric razors with I’m sure would be gentler, I don’t suppose you could have them waxed either, all these things we do without thinking until something like this happens! Hope your on the mend soon and find a solution to your hairy arm pits lol take care , Jo xxx

Hi Kim, they said it’s infection risk, same as not having blood tests in that arm etc. they told me after my 1st 2 nodes out so ask your BCN if it applies to you? X