Elevated liver enzymes

I had my company medical last week and my liver enzymes were quite high. The doctor did comment that this could be a side effect of tamoxifen. Has anyone else encountered this side effect? It isn’t soemthing i have come across before.

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Hi Barbara

I have had three blood tests done over the past month and all showed high liver enzymes. In particular the enzyme Gamma GT was 142 (when the normal range is 0-32). GP (not my usual) one said it might be due to too much alcohol (highly possible) although the most would have been one glass of wine the night before. I’ve to go back on Friday for another test, then just when I was leaving he noticed I was on Tamoxifen and said it could be down to that. I’ve been on it for three months now. He did say not to be unduly concerned about results.

Shenagh x

Hi…I do have secondaries but not in my liver…both Tamoxifen and Arimidex gave me elevated liver readings…I had an ultrasound but nothing was ever found (this was in 2004) and apparently it’s very common to have abnormal readings whilst on hormonals…xx