Email from NHS about COVID treatments

Hello everyone 

Ive just received an email from NHS about covid, testing, and if I test positive then I could be eligible for treatments. 
The email says I’ve been identified as high risk……… all I can think is lumpectomy, RT, and hormone therapy. 
I don’t suffer with anything else which puts me at high risk. 

Has anyone else received a similar email?

I know cases are rising again and I wonder if that has prompted it?

Just seems a bit random to get this now. 

Hi Hantsgirl. I had the same email recently and my initial reaction was “that’s a bit late” considering I had covid a year ago. I was diagnosed with BC in 2017 and have lymphoedema so understand I could be immune compromised. When I had covid I joined a trial to receive anti viral medication at home. I feel I benefitted from the treatments as my symptoms were not too severe and I was testing negative within a week. I would not hesitate to have this type of medication if I catch covid again. Michele x

I got this e mail today too , I do have asthma but not severe so a bit puzzled myself . I didn’t have chemo and no longer take hormone therapy .

I received this too and got my pack of free tests from the government.  Weird how it’s taken so long and I don’t have any other underlying health issues 

Hi Hantsgirl

I’ve just received the same email they will be sending out lateral flow testing kits so presuming its genuine. May have been picked up off medical records.

Yes I’ve had the email and received covid test kit (I now have 3!).

I just assumed it’s because I have cancer on my medical records. I doubt when they create the list I doubt they look at subtleties like it’s you had chemo or not. If safest to err on side of caution. Also bearing in mind people will be part way through treatments, and may find themselves on chemo a bit later. 

I look on it as positive. Can get test kits and anti viral treatments so increase chances of not getting severe covid. 

I’ve had it twice. First time was awful (althoigh no doctors or hospital treatment needed) and second time was a like a head cold with  mild sinusitis to follow. 

Hugs x

I had op and radiotherapy. No chemo or hormone therapy.

I don’t think I’m immunocompri. Ised. 

Yes I have had one too. No idea if they will send me lateral flow tests and start giving me appointments in person instead of trying to diagnose me over the phone. How will I manage? I don’t like people that much - well not if they wear white coats and want me to do annoying things like take annoying tablets all the time 

Yes I have had a letter or an email or both and today my covid testing kit arrived from the NHS. I think this is a hint I may have to attend a hospital in person soon. But I may be wrong. I have had about 5 different covid jabs so I feel I am as protected as I can be…


Hi!!  I was hearing someone the other day on the news talking about what made someone high risk, and one of the things was cancer.  My husband has prostate cancer, and that made him eligible for the treatment.  It works!!!  Within 2 days he was better!  So I would go for it if you are unlucky enough to catch COVID.  It is still bad out there… I have a good friend whose husband is in ICU with COVID pneumonia, also on a ventilator.  He seems to be improving a bit… 

Anyway, I would suggest getting the treatment if you need it!!

Have a good evening!


I had one of those emails back in the spring and was then sent a covid test pack. Luckily i havent needed it. Just had a booster last week as i am going into hospital in 2 weeks for surgery for 3rd bout of breast cancer. But if i did get ill i would certainly take the help xx