Emend - Aprepitant sickness med

Hello everyone,


My first cycle of chemo has been hard due to a reaction to some of the anti-sickness/steroid meds.  I had my treatment last Tuesday, ended up back in the unit on the Wednesday having IV fluids and anti-sickness meds, then spent a couple of days trying to keep water down.  I started to improve a little on Saturday and am now able to eat a little and have been topping up my fluids by drinking as much as I can.


The hospital have prescribed a 3 day course of Emend, one capsule an hour before chemo, then one capsule per day for 2 days after for my next cycle of chemo.


I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience to mine, and whether they found this medication helped them.


Many thanks, Barbara x x

Hi Barbara, my reaction wasn’t as severe as yours but I was extremely sick after my first FEC, my ONC prescribed Emend for my subsequent chemo’s and I wasn’t sick again, I had the occasional bit of nausea but metoclopramide helped with that, it’s a very effective drug x

Hi Barbara

I was really sick after the first cycle so went onto Emend for the second, and I was still sick but not for as long. I did manage to keep water down better with the second cycle, although I still felt very nauseous and drinking anything was a bit of a trial. I am now a week on and having to take metoclopramide occasionally but it’s not too bad.

I know they say it is important to take all the antisickness stuff for the first few days, whether you are feeling bad or not, but each time I take one I start worrying about the constipation to come.

I hope you find the Emend helpful - I know most people say that it is excellent. I will definitely try it again for the third cycle.


Emmend has truly saved my life. I’ve had it from cycle 1 as told oncologist was prone to nausea/vomiting.
I haven’t vomited at all and just had number 4 last week. I do feel nauseous and struggle to eat anything size wise bigger than you would give a five year old for the first week but after week 1 I can eat as before. Do keep mentioning it because my other drugs for sickness have been tweaked on cycles 2 and 3 and for the cycle I’ve just had only felt nauseous once and even managed to eat a restaurant meal albeit a small one on day 3.

Hi, I was told emend was the rolls Royce of anti sickness meds. My health board didn’t routinely prescribe it but I begged for it before my chemo and they finally gave it to me. I have a vomiting phobia so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t sick. My first chemo I ended up in hospital cause I couldn’t eat or drink, all my own doing, was all in my head. Chemo 2 I was still slightly sicky (probably in my head again!!) They changed some of my other meds chemo 3 and 4 and I didn’t feel sick at all, although still could only eat the smallest amount of food or drink. I think emend helps most folk. My oncologist told me if you had morning sickness in pregnancy you were most likely to have sickness with the chemo.

Hope you keep better during your next round of chemo. I am sure they will sort out meds for you to make sure you don’t go through all that again.

Good luck xx

I was extremely sick after my 1st chemo - had to go back to hospital for an injection to stop the vomiting as I was so worried that I wasn’t keeping my steriods down.  From then on I was prescribed Emend which was very successful, although it would take several days for the nausea to disappear.  I couldn’t even be in the same room as my husband when he was eating.

Apparently its not unusual to react to domperignon…i was violently sick emend was wonderful along with the cyclazine and the others the gave me. I did find the steroids made me nauseous and very moody so they reduced theses and then I didn’t feel sick at all.

Hi Barbara, I was the same after my first FEC and vomitted every hour fro 13 hours until GP gave me another pill to put under my top lip which enabled me to keep anti sickness meds down. Onc prescribed Amend for second one and was loads better although still had little nausea. She also gave me Lorazepan in case it was anxiety related (it wasn’t) but that helped me sleep night before and after session.  Just on day 12 of first T not nice but doable.Sue xx

Emend is amazing! I felt really sick first few times then had amend third time- no sickness no nausea!
Best wishes Emma

Hi Barbara,


I can only add to the positive feedback for Aprepitant. I also got very sick after my first FEC, and ended up in A&E that night for an injection. It took me three days until I was able to eat halfway normal food again.

With Aprepitant I was still suffering a little on the day of each FEC chemo, but I never again vomitted, and on day 2 I usually felt fine - drugged but OK.

Cyclecine I tried to reduce to a mimimum, because it made me reeeeeaaallly tired, I am sure one pill could make an elephant sleep! :wink:


All the best for you


Hi everyone

Most anti-emetic drugs are out for me as I had a severe reaction to Stemetil in the past, and drugs like Metoclopramide, Cyclizine or Domperidone can cause the same reaction so I was advised to avoid them.

I’ve had 2 cycles of FEC now, and each time I’ve had the 3 day course of Aprepitant, starting an hour before, plus Aloxi half an hour before the chemo is given. I have not vomited at all yet, felt nauseated for sure, and this went on for longer after the 2nd cycle, but at least I haven’t thrown up. I can take Ondansetron if necessary 5 days after chemo when the Aloxi has worn off, but I haven’t needed to so far *touches everything wooden*

So I would say Aprepitant works for me. Hope this helps
J x

Hi Barbara, sorry you’ve had such a bad time. I have emend throughout 3x FEC and had no bad reaction. Also had lots of other anti sickness meds and had my 2nd and 3rs FEC reduced because if nausea. Keep talking to your medical team.