emotional scars

Hi, I had a lumpectomy back in December. After the operation I was very down and found it difficult to come to terms with, even though the histology came back as benign. Over the past few months I feel as though I have changed as a person from before I had the op. I now find it difficult to control my emotions and wondered if anyone else has had any experience of this.
Thanks x x

Janey, I reckon we all have. I’m really happy that it came back benign, those of us who post regularly weren’t that lucky. But all the same you came face-to-face with your own mortality, and that is life-changing. You may be suffering from post-traumatic stress, it wouldn’t be surprising. Don’t know what to suggest, but I understand how you’re feeling.



Hi Janey.

I too had a lumpectomy, which came back as complex. I should be feeling relieved, however, I am not!

As chocciemuffin states, the facing one’s own mortality and how going through something like this, does change your life, forever.

I should now be at a stage where I have full relief, but my case was closed, when it shouldn’t have been!

So yes, I too, have experience of all of these emotions and while we should be jumping up and down with relief, we are not.

Hard to do, but I just go through it. I know exactly what you mean Janey and while it is nice to know that someone else is feeling the same as I am, it is nice to know that I am not alone in feeling the way I do!

Am really glad you posted that!