Emotional Support

I had my left breast removed a week ago. These last few days I have been feeling so sad. I am

still having pain and I have no one who understands how I feel. I am being told to just be grateful I am alive
I am very grateful but I miss my breast and right now I can’t stand to even look at the site. Anyone else ever felt like this?

Hi Teenybaby, I’m sending you a gentle hug. You are not alone in your feelings, and good body image is a part of who you are. I think you are allowed to feel sad, and you need to grieve for your loss. Not right now, but soon, you will be relieved that your tumour has gone. You will feel safer in the knowledge that your physical needs are being cared for and looked after by a medical team. In the meantime, feel free to come on here and let your feelings out. We have been where you are now, and we will support you in your journey. If you have a Maggies or a Macmillans centre near you I would make a visit. You will meet others like yourself, but also specialists who can help you make sense of your feelings. Best wishes. X

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Oops, pressed post button x3! No good giving the same advice three times. Hope you are feeling a bit better. X