1st chemo last Friday ,so so slightly overwhelmed but went through it like a good girl.Sitting waiting for my hair to fall out ,was good and tried the cold cap.But the emotion changes are really getting to me .Crying for no reason and people’s reactions to it ?Anyone else having the same trouble ?

Hi Percivn, just to say you have my sympathy. Three weeks on from my lumpectomy and it has certainly been an emotional roller coaster. 

Furst you had the shock of being diagnosed, then presumably major surgery, now you get to have chemotherapy? No wonder you are all over the place. I think you need to be kind to yourself. Your behaviour is quite justifiable given the circumstances . You know you are accepted on this forum, a great place to let your hair down as we are all in it together. Sending you a big hug. Hope you start to feel a bit better. ?