Employer has exclusions (no sick pay) for elective surgery...

How should a sickness policy of no sick pay for elective surgery be interpreted regarding reconstructive or reductive surgery on one side when significantly lopsided after breast cancer? I know breast cancer means we are proctected by disability legisalation etc.

Has anyone elses employer had this in their sickness policy and if so, did they agree to pay you sick leave for surgery to correct lopsidedness as a result of the breast cancer?


Please let me know. My employer was far from great when I returned after breast cancer and I am feeling far more stressed about how my employer may respond, that anything re having the surgery!



Hi Seabreeze. Didn’t want to skip by your post. I’m not sure if the legal position but would argue this isn’t elective surgery, but part of your ongoing treatment. I hope your surgeon or oncologist would back you up with this. Xx

Hi Seabreeze,


My symmetrisation surgery was always part of the planned treatment for me too… I would argue not elective. The surgeon did offer to complete all at same initial surgery, but had said results depending, further surgery / adjustments may be needed, therefore I opted to have the one side completely settled before having the other matched to it.


I believe my sick note simply stated either breast surgery or ongoing care… your GP should be sympathetic and assist with the wording. This is to enable you to be as well as you can be.


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Best wishes,


LL xx