Employment and Reconstruction

Good afternoon,
My mum had breast cancer in 1998. She was given infomation after the operation about reconstruction, as she was young when she had cancer. After waiting over ten years to build the courage up to see her GP about reconstruction, she did this in 2010. She has worked in her job for 29years. Recently she has had to reapply for her job, this is due to budget cuts. She found out two days ago that she was unsuccessful on her application due to attendence. The times of absence were due to having her breast reconstruction in 2010 with both operations falling in this year, the two operations one of 26 days and one of 5 days were taken as certified sickness leave. She had one other absense of two days due to sickness. I have helped her appeal against this decision as I do not believe that this is morally correct. I feel that she is being victimised because she has had cancer and an oppertunity to have had reconstruction. She is very hurt that this reconstruction has potentially lost her job. I am extremely angry that this decision has been based upon attendence, the other people which her work environ have been fortunate to have not been ill or suffered anything like my mum has.

Please can anyone give me some advice, we have sent the appeal yesterday but i’m not sure of next stages or support she can recieve?

Look forward to your response,

Check the Equality Act 2010, those diagnosed with cancer are considered as disabled for the purpose of employment and cannot be discriminated against, see if the employer made the changes your Mum needed and I think you have a case. Good luck xx

Check if your mum has ‘legal cover’ on her home contents insurance as she may get assistance from a solicitor to deal with her case.