Emu Oil

I had a bi-lateral mastectomy nearly 3 weeks ago and have been told that I can now ‘oil’ my scars. I was going to use Bio Oil on them but wondered if anyone has used Emu Oil and was it any good please? My daughter has just given me a tub of it but i’m a bit wary about using it. Thanks.

Hi janail

I’ve used emu oil every day for about three years- sometimes neat for really dry skin, blisters, burns, bites, cuts and other times in a cream format as a cleanser/moisturiser. I first used it when I’d had a year of dermatological appointments for a skin condition that wouldn’t budge - 3 weeks after using an emu oil moisturiser just to cleanse my face, the condition had gone. In Australia emu oil has received pharmaceutical grading (not sure if that’s the right word) and is used in burns units and for arthritis pain relief, so it’s not quackery! It is best to use products from Australia rather than USA as the filtration systems are different and in the US they tend to add other ingredients so it is not pure. The brand I use is called Y Not Natural.

or your scarring I would recommend rosehip oil, but you need to use it for six months. I am always complimented by surgeons on my lumpectomy scar and that was courtesy of rosehip oil.

Good luck & I hope you get a good result.