End date for Anastrozole?

Hi everyone hope you are keeping well. Just been to collect my repeat script of anastrozole from the chemist and have noticed the next script states ‘to end November 2022’ I have never seen this before. My oncologist told me I could take it for 10 years but this date will only be my 5th year since diagnosis.  Had anyone else been told it’s only for 5 years?

Hi Alibobs, id speak to your team about this to check just in case there has been error, it will give you opportunity to ask questions too if that’s the case :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi Alibobs

I was told I’d be on it for 10 years “although 5 years is the normal treatment.”  I don’t know if that helps but I agree you should follow it up with Oncology as it may be an administrative error if you were told 10 years. Ironic isn’t it, with all the moaning and groaning we make about anastrozole and its side effects :slightly_smiling_face:  x