end of chemo and feeling low

I should feel good i have had a good response to the two courses of chemo over the last year which finished 6weeks ago i am just on herceptin now which i feel fine on. I keep feeling low and irratable and i know i shouldnt really as through all the treatment i coped without feeling like this.Also with the xmas rush i just feel worn out and tired.I know alot of people on this web site are going thro so much worse than me so i am sorry if this seems stupid but i would like to know if anyone feels like this under similar circumstances and how long does the tireness last?

Well I finished Chemo last September and am still shattered most of the time! I coped fine after it had finished but six months after I had a ‘‘mini’’ breakdown in which I completely collapsed and spent practically all the time in floods of tears.
You are not alone
Sending hugs xxxx

Hi skelts

I just wanted to reassure you that you are not alone in the way you are feeling and many people contact us at Breast Cancer Care, many of whom have said they have felt very depressed at some point and with help and support, do begin to start feeling better in time. You may find it helpful to contact us via our helpline on 0808 800 6000 Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm Saturday, 9am - 2pm

Everyone on our helpline either has experience of breast cancer or is a breast care nurse. The team comes from a variety of backgrounds, so you can talk to someone who has an understanding of the issues you are facing.

The team is able to talk about both technical and emotional issues surrounding breast cancer and breast health

I do hope you find this helpful.

Kind regards


Skelts - we all have highs and lows - my greatest low has come after chemo finished (even worse than after diagnosis), for me I think it was the sense of protection of trips to the hospital ending - feeling I was much more alone. This sense of loneliness and the acute fatigue really knocked me. Time, sleeping tablets and some counselling really helped me.


I finished Chemo in August and went back to work in November. I still get tired now and low and tearful. However, as time has gone on I am starting to feel better and have more energy as long as I don’t stress myself or ask too much of myself. I had rads too and finished them in October. I am going to work full time hours in January so built myself up to from part time. As the weeks have progressed I am starting to find it easier. We have been through such an emotional and physical ordeal with BC and its treatment so only time can improve it. You are not alone. Take care.


Hi Skelts
I went on a BCC Secondaries event earlier this year and one of the areas covered was cancer fatigue which is a recognised problem with secondaries. I’m not sure if there is a leaflet or info available on this site but it may be worth checking out. I finished chemo in early Sept and do still feel tired and not able to do as much as I used to but this could also be down to all the other problems or side effects to medication I’ve been having! It never seems to stop but take time to rest and do things for yourself and I’m sure you will feel better. Despite all the ‘loveliness’ about Christmas it is a very stressful, tiring time for a lot of people as it makes more work for most of us. Take time out to put your feet up.
Nicky x

hi skelts

I had 6 months chemo and 2 months radio this year and can honestly say I felt the worst immediately after treatment … I had been expecting that I would finish the treatment and “feel better” … I think that during the treatment we expect to feel awful and good days are a pleasant surprise … then we think we will cross the end of treatment finishing line and feel fab … but we have effectlively only just been pulled through the hedge backwards and a period of adjustment is well and truly necessary … in treating us they are pushing our bodies to the limit

ar you sleeping and resting enough ? are you drinking enough water ? are you trying to do to much now you think you are back to normal? how are your periods if you have them ?? my hormones were all over the place after both chemo (a sexual surge that latest all of 10 days or so) and radio (the worst period ever recorded - nappies would have been a good idea!) … currently with PMT and a load of relaives due to arrive any day - AAGHHH

don’t expect too much of yourself
good luck
FB xx

Hi Skelts

I wanted to mention the ‘Cancerbackup’ information about fatigue following Nicky’s comments, there is a specific section related to coping with fatigue, which you may find useful, this can be found by using the following link:


Best wishes

Oh fatigue…what c**p.

I had a 4 month break from chemotherapy over this summer but apart fromm that have been on various chemotherapies continuously since April 2007. I am now at the stage that I can hardly distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days. I have a permanent undelying tiredness which is blighting everything I do. If I go out one day I am exhausted the next. I frequently spend 12 hours at night asleep and take 2 hour sleeps during the day. Walkking up gentle slopes exhausts me, getting dressed exhausts me, getting out of the bath exhausts me. How did I get in this state?

I have extensive tumours in my neck and chest wall which are progressing and apparently this active cancer may be contributing to tiredness as well as treatment though don’t understnad the process. Talking is very hard work for me because I have damaged vocal chords. My arm is heavy and swollen from bad lymphoedma and that also contribues to tiredness. I’m hopeless at follwoing the rules in those handy cancer tips pamphlets…basiclaly I just feel so resentful that I’m not well, and likely to remain not well for ever.

But feels good to have a moan…


Thanks everyone for your comments it does help alot, wishing you all a happy and hopefully healthy new year Skeltsx