Ending Tamoxifen and Symptoms

On April, 29, 2022, I stopped taking Tamoxifen after being on it for 5 years on the advice of my oncologist. A month later I had a ‘period’ at 55 years old. It worried me bc of my age, although my last blood work Feb 2021, indicated that I was just one point over in the range for post menopause. Went to gyn and she felt that a ‘post’ menopausal woman should not be bleeding. We did a ultrasound and of course my lining was determined thick, due to the Tamoxifen; then did a biopsy. I guess my question, is how many have experienced bleeding coming off of the tamoxifen? My gyn said it could happen after stopping the tamoxifen. Since I straddled between pre-menopausal and post-menopausal and taking tamoxifen, all I can think about is that I have uterine cancer now. I also bled in April 2021, right after my blood showed that post menopausal number. I wasn’t completely cognizant that I was in a post menopausal range, and thought this was a period bc I was in menopause. I was taking tamoxifen for a year after that reading and just convinced its cancer.  Anybody have that experience? 

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