Endometrial thickening


I am 21/2 years through a course of tamoxifen and stopped Zoladex in May. Am nearly 48. A trans vaginal ultrasound recently found an ovarian cyst ( I have been getting pelvic pain) and now, I find out from GP. the womb lining is thickened. I have now been referred via rapid response and am feeling some deja vu! I hope it turns out to be non-malignant but in the meantime I wanted to know of any ladies with similar findings. And what the outcome was. Feel I hate tamoxifen just now!

Love Kitty

Dear Kitty

Not quite the same as you but some similarities…
I’ve had discharge since I started tamoxifen in 2004, but it worsened considerably towards the end of last year. The breast consultant referred me to a gynaecologist, and I had the trans vaginal scan. It was found I had a polyp and some thickening of the womb lining. I then had a hysteroscopy, d&c and polyp removed under general anaesthetic. Fortunately, polyp and d & c showed nothing abnormal. I’m relieved that I can continue to take tamoxifen.

Hope all goes well for you.

Ive been on tamoxifin for 6 months after a year of arimidex. At Christmas I had some problems with discharge etc. I went for a scan which showed up some minor thickening , a polup and a few cysts. I went for my D and C , hysteroscopy etc last week and when I woke up from my general the surgeon told me she could see nothing wrong and so nothing more was to be done. Im not sure whether to be relieved or worried. So I am thinking I could have to do all this again, any ideas any one?

Hello ladies, on Tamox 1 year 1 month and no periods in 22 months very bad lower back pain recently and yesterday I had a small bleed but it has passed but I am very worried now as I might not be just my body returning to normal, anyone any experience to share?

Was first put on tamoxifen when first diagnoised back in 1999. Things were fine for about 18 months then had some bleeding which was unusual for me had a ultra scan found to have thickend lining so had hysteroscopy and d and c, six months later same problem this time had polyps growing had hysterectomy, they then found that breast cancer cells were present in the polyps (unusual i am told). So my advise is be vigilant know what is normal for you and get treatment quickly.


Dear Yelhsa

I do hope you’ve spoken to someone by now and are feeling less anxious - Kiwi’s advice is sensible, and both breast and gynaecology consultants reiterated that it is always best to report a change/something that is different for you, ASAP. I went to the GP initially with heavy (heavier than had been usual on tamoxifen) discharge and had a smear, swab taken and examination. When results came back clear, GP said I should see someone at breast clinic. I spoke to one of the breast care nurses and explained what was happening, and she got my appointment put forward.

Best wishes

Thanks ladies I went to the GP this morning first thing and I will see the Gynae on Thursday, he was due to do a smear test but I reckon he will now do a pelvic exam and a scan, fingers crossed there is nothing amiss
A x

Hi,I had a trans vaginal scan last august as my periods returned unexpectedly 6 months after finishing chemo,( I’m 49)which showed I had slight thickening of the endometrium, so had a hysteroscopy which showed no sign of malignancy, have had a further hysteroscopy in Jan showing exact same result as august, after much discussion amongst themselves (gynae consultant, oncologist and gynae oncologist) they felt this was caused by tamoxifen so I was advised as a precaution to have a mirena coil fitted as apparently this helps thin the lining of the womb and helps protect against endometrial cancer. I had this done last week so hopefuuly will avoid hysterectomy.

Been on Tamoxifen since August 07 had a small bleed, vaginal ultrasound showed thickening of the womb
had hysteroscopy and a fiboroid removed still waiting for results. And the list of side effects from Tamoxifen
seem never ending for me

I had no periods for 8 months. I’m 43 and on tamox. Then I had a light one in jan which I mentioned to onc. She was not too concerned just said keep an eye on it for anything unusual. I missed feb but had another one in March. One started in 2nd april and it’s still going nine days later and extremely heavy. I’ve been to gp who is now referring me for all the gynae tests to see whats going on. Great, more prodding and poking to look forward to. Seems as though this is very common, although on my list of side effects it says it’s one of the less common ones.