Endometriosis and Endometrial cyst


Hi All


I was diagnosed in June 2011. I had chemotherapy, double mastectomy and radiotherapy. I had two operation to replace and then to remove implant. Several infection in initial cancer site. Lymphodema in left arm, muscle  damage in right arm etc. 


I had severe pain after coitus and I had a scan done and saw a gyno. I have a cyst and a fibroid. My periods were extinct till this may and then I had double period last month, no period as yet this month. Pain is dull and my tummy is slightly swollen.


I have been told that its benign and tumor markers are normal. Wall is 7mm. However, I have been booked in for Laproscopy next month ( I will ask them to change date as my work is not giving me time off) I spoke to my surgeon and he said he can remove my ovaries. I am barely 40 and do want my ovaries and uterus to stay intact as long as possible.


I would like to know how serious is this. As mentioned before, I have had two operations and I am exhausted about this. I am also thinking of stopping Tomoxcefin to reduce the risk. 


Has anyone gone through this. Can I leave it alone for a few months. Anyone in similar circumstance please help as I am reading stuff on internet which is quite scary. My pain is not too bad as I am eating a lot of fiber and wearing loose clothe. I have put on a little weight nothing major.


I am sweating lots and its uncomfortable at night. 


Any answer is welcome x 



Hi Blueboo, sounds like you have been having a dreadful time of it one way and another.


I think you may be referring to endometrial hyperplasia (womb thickening) rather than endometriosis?  If so there’s a thread I contribute to here:forum.breastcancercare.org.uk/t5/Hormone-therapy/Tamoxifen-Induced-Endometrial-Hyperplasia/m-p/697993#U697993 


Following a second episode of “post-menopausal” bleeding, I am booked in for a second round of hysteroscopy, biopsies and D&C.  The ‘what next’ question will depend on what they discover (they have told me there is ‘something’ on the ultrasound scan) but could include surgical and/or drug change options.  Or they may just tell me to keep on as I am…  For me taking Tamoxifen is a no-brainer, as the benefit it gives me is significant.  If you look at NHS Predict online, there is a little tool that can give you an estimate of prognosis with and without hormone therapy.  predict.nhs.uk/predict.shtml  This is no substitute for proper medical advice, but a lot of people find it helpful (and not too scary).


Hope that helps a little bit.