Endometrium thickening with Tamoxifen and options

I’m so confused right now and wanted some lived experiences to try and help me make decisions going forward.

I’m 2.5 years post BC after lumpectomy and radiotherapy. I have been on Tamoxifen for 2 years, but stopped taking it August 2023 due to 38mm endometrial thickening. I was recently an inpatient for heavy bleeding which was extremely scary as it did not lighten up for 5 days despite TXA to try and stop it.

I am now going in for my 3rd hysteroscopy (since 2022) this Friday for biopsies and removal of polyps. I had a hysteroscopy in September 2023 so I’m not too concerned about endometrial cancer as those biopsies were clear. However, they are talking about Mirena coils or Zoladex as potential treatment options. In all honesty I just want a hysterectomy and be done with it all, taking away also the possibility of further cancers.

With the options they have suggested I’m worried about more side effects and of course the hormonal aspect to the Mirena coil as my BC with hormone positive. I understand the risks are low, but they are still there and I feel like my resolve to continue this health journey is just getting so low.

Anyone else experienced similar and what were your options and how did they work for you? With thanks in advance lovely ladies x


I had similar . I had to have a full hysterectomy as the hysteroscopy showed precancerous changes after 18 months on Tamoxifen . It’s no walk in the park either I’m afraid :frowning:but like you say it does take one cancer worry out of the equation . Do the medics think in time your womb lining could return to more normal levels ?

Hi Jill,

I doubt the thickening will improve, I’ve had to have 3 hysteroscopies in the past 18 months due to continued thickening. I’m really fed up with it all to be honest. So far all my biopsies have been clear but this time there were more polyps, so they will take them tomorrow for biopsy.

I’m sorry to hear your hysterectomy was also a challenge, was it the recovery or the menopausal symptoms that have been difficult?

A bit of both . I had to have a radical hysterectomy ( including ovaries and omentum as they were suspicious about my ovarian cysts ) with a vertical incision , hopefully you could have a more straightforward surgery and a less drastic incision . I had really bad pain for 3/4 months and horrible anxiety . I am now glad I no longer have the worry of a variety of female cancers but it was a hard recovery .

Sorry to hear that has been so rough for you Jill. They are not talking about a hysterectomy at the moment, apparently it’s a last resort. I think it will be Zoladex next, all being well with the biopsies.

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Hard going having gynae issues too isn’t it .I hope you manage to find a way to manage it without surgery .

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