Enlarged lymph node under armpit

I am 31 and have 3 children, the youngest is aged just 1. In 2008 I had breast pain, an inverted nipple and clear fluid leaking from the nipple in my right breast. I was referred to the breast clinic and I was told repeatedly throughout the process that it was unlikely to be cancer as cancer does not hurt. I was then diagnosed with Mastalgia. I was told it was also associated with smoking. They also advised taking evening primrose oil which i did for a long while and eventually although continuing to smoke I only ever had occassional pain.
Now 4 years on I decided to quit smoking due to one to many chest infections. After a few days of stopping and starting smoking again I woke up on Sunday with immense pain in both armpits. Upon checking noticed a lump in my right armpit. I went to see GP on the Wednesday but pain had died down she said it is enlarged lymph node and to come back if it has not gone in 3 weeks. Since that initial visit the pain of 4 years ago has returned to BOTH breasts and BOTH armpits and the 3 weeks is up tomorrow. I also think I have a lymph node appearing under my left armpit as well. I have not noticed any leaking.
Whenever I google the symptoms it comes up as breast cancer but I am hoping it is my mastalgia spreading to other breast???
I am really scared. I look at my baby and think am I going to leave her without a mummy?
I am pleased to say that I have not smoked since finding the lump 3 weeks ago. Gone cold turkey.
With giving up smoking and worrying I have cancer I feel I am driving my man away. I already struggle with my emotions and I have had a really tough few years but things were starting to get better.
Can anyone reassure me as my symptoms from 4 years ago mirror that of breast cancer so I have ignored changes in my breasts and just thought they were down to mastalgia…so scared now

Please anyone??

Dear scaredycat1980

Im so sorry to read about your worries. We would always advise you to check things out with your GP.

Why not also give our helpline a call to talk over your concerns. They can offer you lots of information and support. They are open 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. 0808 800 6000

Take care

Very best wishes


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Hi Scaredycat
I had a large painful lump appear about 10 years ago and it took 2 years to get the doctors to remove it, it appeared to be just extra tissue which was causing inflamation in the armpit area.
I remember it hurting abit and also caused the breasts to hurt too.
So go back and make sure they refer you and get it checked out as it could be just like mine once removed I didn’t have pain again.
I am back on here now for something different not related to pain in armpit area.
If you need support you’ll find it here, remember try to keep calm and if you need to contact the support number.
Take CareXX

Just wanted to thank you for your comment it was so kind of you to try to reassure me whilst dealing with your own worries. Mine has turned out to be an under active thyroid after my breast scan I went back to GP still in pain with lumps under both armpits and glands up in my throat I was sent for a chest X-ray And had a blood test which resulted in my diagnosis.
Just wanted to wish you the best possible outcome with what you are dealing with. your lone words were my only support in a moment of complete terror. thanks