Enlarged lymph nodes 2.5 years after mastectomy


I had an ultrasound and 3 biopsies on 2 enlarged lymph nodes last Friday. I get the results next Friday. In the meantime I’m going out of my mind with worries. I’m dreading telling my young children that it’s come back, and I’m scared it’s stage 4. I don’t suppose anyone here has had suspicious lymph nodes biopsied and they’ve come back clear?

Hi Mollyriver, I had similar to you, enlarged lymph nodes on the side where I’d had a mastectomy. Im really sorry I can’t tell you mine was clear, it was cancer, but the positive thing is that I was quickly in for a full node clearance, surgery was not too hard, and it had gone no further. Ive had 2 clear ct scans and nearly 2 years on I’m still fine. I wish you all the best for Friday,  waiting is so horrible. Love Mo xx