Enlarged milk duct

Hi everyone
Ive been back today for my 2nd referral and ive had an ultrasound and it showed that ive got an enlarged milk duct next to the nipple which is making it invert in, the bcn said it will get worse and my left one could go the same.
What i didn’t ask could this lead to cancer in the future ?
She didn’t really give me any info on this apart from smoking can cause it but i haven’t smoked for 14 yrs and then i wasn’t a big smoker 5-10 a day.
I would be grateful for any info can’t even find out on searching the net.
Thankyou Kim xx

Kim - I am sorry, I don’t know the answer but I wonder if it would help ringing the Helpline on this site. They may be able to answer your question.

I did find this, though:-


At the bottom it indicates that there is not normally a greater risk of bc.

Ann x

Thankyou Ann ive read the link and it has been useful, i’m just pleased they finally found out what was wrong and at least i’m not going mad lol cos i knew deep down it didn’t feel right and grateful it’s not cancer and i want to thank everyone who has helped me over the past 3 months because you’ve all be a rock and i wish you all well on your bc journey’s.
Kim xx

Hi Kim
Did you have any tingling as well as the burning pain? Nigela x

Hi Nigella
Yes i do have the burning pain and tingling it’s so annoying sometimes, also i get a very itchy boob, the bcn said she couldn’t tell me why i keep getting that, also it can be very tender still,i’m still not convinced but ive got to trust the doctors etc and the scans.
A few weeks ago we went to a christening and i was talking to a friend and all of a sudden it felt like my boob was burning from the inside it was an horrible feeling and ive not told anyone, i’m thinking it’s probably all hormonal but not nice to put up with all this discomfort.
What are your symptoms ? and how old are you ?
I hope you don’t have to wait to long for your appointment.
feel free to get in touch anytime. Kim x

Hi Kim
I am 49 how old are you? I had the tingling for about 20 months-went to GP twice and she said it would be nothing. Then last week this awful burning pain woke me up at 4am.It stings when I bend down too during the day-it is worse thru night tho whilst lying down -even if I lie on other side. it is only i the one side is yours? I did have mamo early June privately and it came back ok. However I ahae now read that itching and tingling can be a sign of bc. Obviously I have left it so long-if I had the pain sooner I would of insisted on them sending me fir further checks. i was in so much pain and upset the other morn-I rang to speak to my GP but couldn"t see her till next week so saw the duty GP and he is sending me to the Breast clinic.Now I guess even more worried. tho he tried to reasure me by saying could be due to being menopause. I did miss a period for 3 months and then had the last 3 every 3 weeks so they are going irregular. I was diagnosed with benign breast disease 18 years ago but was never told that it may turn into bc so not sure if some can -or what mine was. I was just told to take evening primrose and it was just achy in left side then it seemed to ease a bit. Not pain like this.Did you have ultra sound and mamo? Sorry you prob said. I guess they only put a needle in if they show something definite up?
Thanks for replying
will keep you posted
Nigela x

Hi Kim-Me againWanted to ask -what treatment do you get for thsis? This pain is awful-even tried asprin and also putting ibuleve gel on but nothing works.
Nigela x

Hi Nigella
I’m not on any treatment the bcn didn’t seem to give me much info on it only that smoking can cause it and ive not smoked for 14 and half years, she did say she didn’t no why it was so painful and i keep getting sharp pains in my right arm just down from the armpit.
When i first went in may they gave me a mammogram and it was clear and got told it was muscle pain and i was discharged but i wasn’t happy because it just didn’t feel right so i went back to my GP who referred me as none urgent only waited 3 wks the bcn was lovely and i asked could i have an ultrasound and she said yes, so a doctor did that but only checked the right breast and he didn’t really speak to me until after he done it only to say i had an enlarged milk duct and he would write to my GP and left the room so i got dressed and asked could i see the bcn who said about the smoking etc but when i left she didn’t give me a discharge letter for reception so not sure if ive got any follow up, ive not been to see my GP about it.
I only take co-dramol/ paracetamol because ive got acid reflux and years ago had a dudenal ulcer so i can’t have anything else, they don’t really work.
Im 45 i was told years ago to take evening primrose when i had my first scare, i do have a lot of thickening on both breasts e.g like the orange peel but at our ages lol it’s difficult to get anyone to listen (medical ) to our concerns ,that’s how i feel.
Hope ive helped answer some of your concerns, get in touch anytime it’s really nice talking to someone who has similar concerns etc.
Kim x

Hi Kim
You are so right -it is all put down to age isn’t it! Yes will keep in touch. Thanks for sharing your info.
Take care
Nigela x

Just another thought Kim-years ago I was told to put a cabbage leaf in my bra! I just laughed but you know today I have done just that and it is a bit easier-feels nice and cool! worth a try!
Nigela x

lol i might even try it, someone on here can’t remember who said put vicks on your sore boob, not tried it but someone said it worked.
How long have you been waiting for your appointment ?

Hi Just saw duty Doc on tues and he said he would refer me so not sure how long I will wait.Go away for a week tho on Friday so bet it is for when I am away. been hurting tonight tho-thing is it stings more once I get to bed.
Nigela xx

Did you find anything out about this? As i have pain in my left breast ultrasound was clear but saw one enlarged duct. I was told I could just go after the ultrasound as there was nothing really there. I still have the pain and it’s still uncomfortable so I don’t really know what to think