epi side effects

epi side effects

epi side effects Hi
Ive had 2 doses of epirubicin and the last couple of days i have noticed im getting out of breath when i walk or go up the stairs.
Has anyone else experienced this.

hi jackie
i had 4 lots of epi and yes i too got breathless walking upstairs etc. i was told that it was due to red blood cell count taking a dive and it got better after a few days. trouble is, by the time you’re starting to feel better, you’re due another lot!!

breathless Hi Jackie

Me too. I started being breathless straight after I started having Epi. I also had palpatations as well. My oncolgist gave me an ECG which the results were fine. He said that it is quite common to feel breathless with Epi. It usually calms down for me after couple of weeks just in time to start again!
I found it worse when going up hill or upstairs and when it’s warm.
Hope it’s not too bad for you.

yes me too, I was on e-cmf and from start to finish I was breathless, if I walked upstairs I would go lie on the bed for a while, it made me feel so weak and when I eventually did something like walk to the local shop, it took me forever…but it did get better within quite a short time of finishing, I actually went back to work 4 weeks after last chemo on part time…

Just listen to your body, you cant do more at this moment it, is out of your control…but as I say you will feel better soon


re epi Thanks for the replies about feeling out of breath.
Thought it wasnt too much to worry about ill just mention next Tuesday when i go for my 3rd shot.