Epirubicin aches

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else feels like they’ve been beaten with a big stick?! I had my first cycle of Epirubicin last wednesday (3 more to go followed by 4 cycles of CMF) and have been feeling tender across my shoulder blades and upper arms foe the last few days. I knew I would ache but it actually feels like I’m covered in bruises!! Any tips or encouragement would be gratefully recieved!



Sorry your feeling so crap . I have no words of wisdom and did not suffer like that - I had epirubicin and cyclophosphamide so dont know why you feel like that.

I am sure you will have other replies from othrs who have suffered the same

Take it easy
Hope it gets better soon


Same as you had 4 epi now just hand 2nd cmf, it does get easier, i was laid up in bed for 2 days approx 4 days after each epi felt really rough and my operation side would get more tender and sore, i just increased my exercises and this seemed to help.

cmf is much more gentle and apart from tiredness and slight sicky feeling i have been managing to do normal chores right through the cmf without too much trouble. so there is hope. I do now have slight lymphodema in one arm which they are keeping an eye on and again i am doing my exercises as much as possible and have been told to sleep with my arm above my head if possible to relieve the fluid pressure.

Gaynor p

Hi Gaynor,

Thanks for your help. The Epi is otherwise fine so far (I know the second is supposed to be worse), its just the tenderness. I didn’t feel the need to stay in bed but in hindsight I probably should have done as I’ve been knackered ever since! I was convinced I could go about my usual daily routine (especially as I’m still off work)! I do find I’m spedning a lot more time just soaking in the bath too! Its also nice to know that the cmf should be milder. I can’t wait for it all to be over and the idea that it gets easier is comforting. I hope your lymphodema clears up. I don’t know if it will help much but I was doing Tai chi before I was diagnosed and have found (when I’m not to tired or stiff to do it) that it does help balance your mind and body. I do Sun style which is aimed and arthritis and diabetes sufferers but it just means the movements are more gentle. Anyway, I’ve been tole it might be useful for lymphodema and is supposed to be great for the immune system.

Trace x

Hi Fiona,

Thanks for your support. I know everyone reacts differently but its nice to know that there are people out there who are going through the same thing. Its good to know you had no problems with epirubicin though, maybe I’m having a blip! Its only my first one so I shall wait and see. I’m glad everyone on here is so friendly. So many people just don’t know what to say and its good to talk to people having similar experiences.

Good luck
Trace x