Epirubicin weekly

Just curious to see if anyone else is on this regime, and if so how are they managing.



i was interested to see your post, although I have nothing useful to say yet. I am leaving capecitabine…a combination of side effects and possibly not working. This is my onc’s advice, and his next move is for me to go on epirubicin. I have found very little about it, particularly taken on its own. I have many questions to ask him next week, but assume I would be on it as long as it works…if it works! I won’t start until about August as I will have a general break, and also have a kidney stent replaced before starting epi.


But it specifically I am interested in your being on a weekly regime. I did in fact ask my onc about that but he wants three weekly. Do you know why you are weekly? Are side effects more tolerable on weekly? I am looking for as many questions as I can as I requested the extra appt next week after thinking things through. There were so many things I didn’t ask last week, despite signing the form.


Have you started on epirubicin  yet?  I hope you are coping with it and finding it effective. I sometimes think oncs and nurses should try a few chemos to find out how hard they can be! I can’t share experiences yet of course, but hope your new thread continues so I can share once I have started.


thank you for posting,



Hi Ellen

Im about to start weekly epirubicin so can report back.

Hope you had some positive feedback from other members