Epsom salts!

Hi there. Quick question. Does anyone use Epsom salts in their bath post chemo? If so, how soon after treatment. I’ve just had my 2nd cycle today and had very elevated LFT’s last time which delayed treatment? Looking for some detox advice.Thanks for any thoughts ?

Hiya - I do that - I don’t know if they do any good but I believe they are very good for detox - I’ve just had my 5th of my 6th rounds of FEC-T and while I have struggled with a low blood count I haven’t had any delays. Do keep drinking lots of water (oh and lemon and milk thistle tea seems to do the trick too)

Good luck you can do it


I put them in my bath a couple of days after chemo to help with the muscle pain side effects I get.  I find they work very well for me