ER and PR

out of interest, does the PR score have a bearing on your oestrogen positivity - I am er 8/8 and pr 1/8

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Hmm I just thought it was all random,good question… I was told I was 100% ER and PR +ve.

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was just wondering really whether it affected percentages of benefit


Can anyone tell me please what PR +ve means it was on my report and still don’t know what it means? Should have asked but was in a state of shock at the time.


i wasn’t even tested for PR. when i asked BC nurse she said they don’t really bother with testing for it these days …??? i asked no more. would love to know its relevance tho… anybody??

PR is the hormone progesterone, is what is used on a mirena coil too, had to have mine taken out as my cancer was receptive to both oestrogen and progesterone.

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I’m 8/8 for both. But (and it does worry me a bit) there’s no actual treatment for PR+, only ER+. I asked my onc and he said the tamoxifen would take care of both. I am no endocrinologist to be able to understand exactly how that works. All I know is that the monthly cycle tips the scales between the oestrogen and progesterone, so something that works on one would probably have an effect on the other. Just not sure what that effect is, but I suppose if you knock out one, as the two are interdependent, it maybe knocks out the other as well.

I’m ER+ 7/8 and PR+ 8/8 and asked my onc when I first saw her in March about the progesterone, as tamoxifen only deals with oestrogen. She said that they weren’t actually sure about the relevance of progesterone, but didn’t go further than that. Don’t know why they test it if it’s not relevant?


I am ER- (0%) and PR+ (89%)and have been on tamoxifen for a few years now. I am not sure exactly how I benefit in percentage terms but my Onc did say I would benefit - to be honest that was all I needed to hear - I literally ran to the pharmacy to hand in my prescription!! The one thing you always notice though when hormone receptors and tamoxifen are mentioned is that they always say and/or (ER and/or PR) so there must be some relevance but exactly what nobody seems to know. There are only about 5% cases per year where there is a ER- PR+ dx.

I only know that I am weakly ER+ve and strongly PR+ve. I saw the registrar today who explained that there are beneficial effects of taking Tamoxifen for both hormones, and that many hospitals only test for PR if you are ER-ve, as they will give you the same treatment for one as for the other. i.e. if you are ER+ve you’ll get Tamoxifen anyway, so knowing whether you are PR+ve doesn’t change anything.

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I notice that you are weakly ER+ and strongly PR+. Have posted a link below which may be of interest to you. Not sure if you will be able to access it from here though.

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Chipper, did you ask about the er 8/8 pr 1/8 thingy? What did you ask? I just asked if I was er+ and they said yes. I didn’t know about out of 8 when I asked and nothing was volunteered… Do I need to know now?
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it was on my pathology report which Dr T gave me - you could ask her, but I don’t think it’s essential to know the exact figures, just that you are er+ and tamoxifen has been recommended xxxxxxchipperxxxx

I’ve heard that the more strongly positive ER you are the more important it is that you don’t give up taking the Tamoxifen… My official score was 8/8 but they said my results were actually off the scale… so there is no way i am giving up taking the tablets…


I feel the same way, Theresa. At ER 8/8 there is no way I’m stopping tamoxifen unless there is a good medical reason for doing so!

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Hi all

Found out yesterday that I am 8/8 ER+ and PR+. This wasn’t too much of a surprise as when I was given HRT which had both oestrogen and progesterone following gynae surgery my tumour suddenly came from nowhere and was huge. It must have been there already I was told but it grew from me being unable to feel it at all to about almost 8cm in 4 weeks! Prior to all this I’d also been on a high progesterone treatment for endometriosis for about 15 years as well.

From what I’ve read on the internet, it would seem that when women go into menopause that progesterone levels drop down to almost nothing. Oestrogen is stored in fat as well as produced by ovaries so that’s why when ovaries stop functioning in menopause there is still oestrogen lurking about. That’s also why they say to try to be slim so there is less fat being stored. I have been battling with weight problems for years but certainly making a real effort now.

Drinking alcohol can also increase oestrogen in the body. I can’t seem to attach a link that works but there is stuff on the Cancer research uk website about this (see under health living section).

I am surprised that the Oncologists don’t tell us more about all of this. The research evidence for alcohol increasing risk of breast cancer is strong and is also on the World Cancer Research Fund website. At the end of the day everyone makes their own decision about what their willing to give up etc but we need the info first.

good wishes to all
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The higher the number out of 8, the better the hormone drug will work. Hence, 8/8 for oestrogen means the drug will work to maximum effect. It’s a good thing.


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I assume the same applies if you are ER- but PR+? I wasn’t given a score out of 8 but instead a percentage ER- 0% PR+ 89%. Love xxx

Thanks Swissmiss - only just spotted you had posted that link. Most useful.
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I was told I was ER+ 8/8 and PR+ 7/8. Sorry, I don’t know what happens if you are only PR+. I was told they didn’t take much notice of the PR, but it would be worth asking.

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