ER- HER+ Success Stories?

Hi ladies. Anyone out there who is hormone negative but HER2+ and has been through treatment and doing well?
Seems to be a lot of mixed opinions about having this combo of breast cancer!!

Hi Sam,

I didn’t have your diagnosis, but soon after I was diagnosed, I was talking to a colleague at work with a similar diagnosis to you (at 40ish).  I had worked with her over the past few years & never knew. She had just had the 5 year all clear, looked fab & is working full time. 

ann x


Hi Sam
Can’t work out how to reply on ‘does it make a difference ‘ so will do it here! I was diagnosed October 2013 Her2+, hormone-. Lymph node involvement seen on ultrasound.
I had 8 rounds of chemotherapy followed by lumpectomy and axillary node clearance. Chemo killed off all the cancer so only scar tissue left for lumpectomy. 5 out of 9 nodes showed scar tissue so was assumed cancer had been there too. Then had radiotherapy and herceptin for a year. As cancer gone they were unable to stage it.
Try not to google as some information not recent and not necessarily relevant to you specifically. Hard not to I know. Scared myself witless doing it! Best just to listen to your own oncologist.
Wishing you well x