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er negative hello
This is my first time posting. I have had a masectomy and chemo but am ER negative which I at first thought was a good thing and have slowly realised it actually means there is very little further treatment. However, the new Amoena magazine - or you can read it on their website - has some interesting and very positive information about er- cancers. I have found it quite comforting and positve and thought I would pass that on.


Thanks for the info Jane I am going to look on their website.

er- Hi Jane

I’m triple negative (er, pr and HER2 -) and must admit I worried about it for a while. I had lumpectomy in Jun 05 for grade3 but with clear nodes.
I also read the article entitled “Minority Report” in the last issue of Amoena.
I found it very reassuring and would recommend anyone newly diagnosed as negative to read it ( you can read back issues on the website). I think that was probably the most informative article I’ve read on er -.
I’m doing fine now, had a few 3 monthly check ups and one yearly mammogram last June. The good news is the Oncologist was pleased with me at my last appointment in Sept and said they didn’t want to see me at clinic again for 12 months and will probably discharge me from clinic after 3 years not 5! (Obviously I’ll still have annual mammograms every June.) So that in itself was encouraging too.

So don’t worry, put it all behind you and all the best for the future!

Bev xx