Er positive and calcifications

Hi i posted a few days ago about being diagnosed on Wednesday though I’m still in shock I’m trying to accept that I’m probably going to lose my breast as I have a lot of other lumps in my boob not just the 2 the we’re found to be cancerous. I had a vacuum biopsy on Thursday I assume to check the rest of the lumps and the calcifications… just wondering if anyone has had the same, do the calcifications mean that the cancer is more invasive or that I will need more or further treatment in future. I really really don’t want chemo (as am sure no one does) I know people might think I’m. Daft but at this point I think I would refuse it. I really don’t know at the minute? Has anyone refused the treatment before what was the outcome? I feel it’s my body after all and unless I’ve got an aggressive form of cancer I don’t see why I should put myself through that hell and let my children see me like that too. I’ve sugar coated it for my 5 year old as she’s very sensitive and said mammy has a poorly Booby which the docs are going to make better. I don’t think I could handle seeing her upset at my hair etc falling out aswell as everything else.

Hi Melia again, there is info here about breast calcification on the main BCC site.

These early days of diagnosis are always so difficult & you are still waiting for your treatment plan to be finalised, so it is best to take it a stage at a time. Try not to write anything off yet as you are still in shock from the diagnosis. Your team will take you through all the options once everything is in place. 

I did not need chemo, but there are many who have been through it, are now fine & getting on with their lives.  Treatments generally work well & are getting better all the time. 

ann x



I don’t know what they said to you about calcifications or whether they are connected to your cancer, but just to say I have benign calcifications which were spotted after my very first routine mammogram in 2003 and they remain benign (I asked the surgeon) and are NOT connected with the cancer that was diagnosed in the same boob in late 2016, and I presumably still do have the benign calcification and no-one’s concerned about it. I had the tumour out in December but as far as I know they didn’t do anything with the calcifications 'cos they didn’t need to, as they are benign. You are bound to be really anxious at this time, but your mind might be going into overdrive thinking about all the things that might have to happen, when you haven’t been given that information yet.

Make a list of all the questions that you want to ask them when you go back, and write down their answers. Better still if you can take someone with you to do that, as anxiety makes the brain do a runner. When you have all the information will be the time to think about treatment options and decisions. You may not need chemo - I didn’t - but if it had been necessary to save or extend my life I would have done so.Try not to worry (I know, I know- easy to say, hard to do) until you know the full extent of what you are facing - I hope it’s not too long before you get some answers following your diagnostic

Thanks Ann my minds all I’ve rather place and I’m. Thinking of something else every day it’s like a living he’ll not knowing! Thanks so much optimissy that’s a little reassuring. They don’t know what the calcifications are yet that’s why they had to do the biopsy as they were picked up on my first mammogram. I know calcifications are a sign of cancer so yes my mind is going into overdrive thinking if they have found 2 cancerous lumps in separate places the calcifications must be cancerous too so therefore it’s in my full breast. Aaaah I don’t know it’s sending me crazy tho, results are on Wednesday teatime not their data as I thought so least I have one less day to wait x