Eribulin after Kadcyla

Hello.  I am writing on behalf of a very close relative to me.  She is not au fait with social media or online forums.  After various rounds of chemo, she has just been told that the Kadcyla has stopped working and that her only option now is to start Eribulin (Halaven).  She is not sure she can cope with the side effects of the drug given that she is already weak but needs to make a decision within the next two weeks.


She is really looking for a support group and would like to ask some questions.


Has anyone had Kadcyla and then Eribulin?  If not, if you had Eribulin, how were you when you started the treatment?  She is currently pretty weak and has a lot of neuropathic pain in her legs and feet.  If you don’t mind answering, we would be so grateful.


Did you have bad side effects from Eribulin? Did the neuropathy get worse?


Thank you so much for any help in advance.  She is trying to make a decision as to whether or not she should go on it or chose not to.  She is trying to assess what her quality of life might be like if she choses it.


Thank you, Jayne xxxx

Hi Jane, I’m on eribulin been on it a few months now. Had to reduce my dose at first just because I was sleeping all the time and just felt unwell. Once they reduced the dose I was fine on it. The only side effects I get are fatigue and I do get a bit of numbness in my feet mainly, sometimes my hands, but it’s not unbearable it’s only really mild. She will be best at least trying it. If it makes her ill at first ask them to lower the dose. Anything is better than nothing, that’s the way I look at it anyway. I have to for my kids. Well I say kids they are 21 and 17 lol. Hope everything works out for her. Send her my best wishes and good luck. Hope this has helped a little.xx