About to start eribulin next week has anyone else been on this regime

I am! I started it 14th dec 2018

and had day 1 cycle 24 last Monday! So I’ve been on it for a long time now. It is tolerable and is so far keeping things stable. I have bone and liver mets. This is my 4th chemo. I’ve been living with mets de novo from Dec 2013.


It took a while in the beginning to get going as my neuts crashed and there were a few delays to the standard day 1, day 8, 21 day cycle, but once I had G-CSF injections too the neuts stabilised. I’m now on 80% dose as well.


It is a quick IV chemo, including saline flushes etc it is about 20-30 mins. I have a port which makes it all a bit easier as they don’t have to hunt the vein anymore.


My hair shed a lot but I never lost it all and it still sheds each cycle just at the beginning. But I lost all my eyelashes and eyebrows and no sign of them returning. Hope you are luckier than me in that department! Like I said it is very tolerable though. I’m tired at the beginning of the cycle but after day 4 or 5 I’m back to normal energy levels and the day 8 dose doesn’t have the same making me tired effect luckily. I’ve never needed to take sickness tablets too! Good luck with it. Sian