ErSo Petition


Just been looking at the ErSo Petition on It has only had 236 signatures and was wondering if people could take a look and share it more widely. 

‘New breast cancer drug shrinks tumours by 99 per cent in three days in mice Experiments found the ErSO treatment also fought secondary tumours that spread around the body – now it must be trialled on humans’ taken from inews July 2021

Done and shared x

Thank you for sharing, that sounds v promising and gives one hope.  I’ve signed and shared the petition. 

 The petition is getting close to 500 signatures. I am not sure that it will help much in the short term but I think that it is worth a click and to add support. Look how quickly they pushed through the Covid vaccines…

ErSo Petition 

I’ve heard reports today that Bayer have dropped plans to develop ErSO, absolutely gutted