Esa assessment

Is anyone about to face an esa assessment? I am and stressed out worried i will be found fit for work. I have been on esa since February as had to have an operation for another unrelated condition in may. Now i have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and had my operation a few days ago. As this assessment is concerning my previous condition I’m wondering if i will continue to get esa. Any advice please.

Hi Welsh Lady. You don’t need this additional stress. A cancer diagnosis is covered by the equalities act. If you have a sick note to say you are unable to work from your GP this is additional evidence for your claim. You may find the assessment is cancelled if you let them know about your diagnosis. Some people are able to work through treatment and others can’t, so it’s very personal to each of us and your GP should be able to help. Also your BC nurse should be able to put you in contact with a Macmillan or similar benefits advisor. Hope this helps and good luck xx

Hi Welsh lady, Janey is quite right.  I totally agree with all she says.  We are fortunate to have this legalised protection.


what a blow for you tho to get this additional diagnosis on top of another heavy one! So sorry. And two anaesthetics so near to oneanother.!  This illness often makes us stressed and anxious until we can see our way forward.


As you progress with your treatment, things should feel more settled. Take time out to spoil yourself  bit if possible.


do let us know how things go. Lots of lovely supportive ladies on here( and men) we are all here for you






Hi Welsh.  Anyone who is waiting , undergoing or recovering from cancer trestment is exempt from face to face assessment for the first 13 weeks of the claim.  I would ring the macmillan benefits advice  line to see how this may work in your situation. Sorry you have this additional worry  now x

I hope i am replying in the right part of the thread! Thank you all so much for your replies, they are so helpful, i only just saw them now. I had no idea i would be exempt from a face to face assessment for the first 13 weeks. I contacted esa the day after i came home from hospital and told them of the new diagnosis & was told i still had to attend the assessment ( the original assessment was due last May 16 but I wasn’t able to attend as was recovering from the last operation!) & bring any medical proof of the treatment to the assessment. I am not able to do my job at present as it’s physically demanding & have been off work since July 15 due to the other operation i had to have in May this year. I will contact macmillan before 31 august ( assessment date) thanks for being there for me x

Hi Welsh Lady
It sounds like you are having a rotten time of it and I hope Macmillan can help. I’m not sure if it’s a nationwide service, so if not available in your area, then contact your local Citizens Advice. Do let us know how you get on. xx

It really is pants your having to deal with this! I dont know if macmillin advice line is open bank holidays if not i would ring tuesday as they might not be able to advise you the same day (they rang me back the next day). I dont know how it works if you are already on esa and then have a cancer diagnosis? If you have a maggies centre near you they are also excellent. Did you speak to dwp or the people doing the assessment ie atos,if it was the people doing the assessment i would go direct to dwp and explain to them. Good luck xxx

From one Welsh lady to another, best of luck with this. It’s awful you’re being put in this situation! Xx


Thanks for your replies. I took your advice & contacted Macmillan today & was advised to attend the assessment tomorrow & also that i should go into the support group with this diagnosis.

I spoke to the assessment centre. What is Maggies?

I’m sorry you still have to go through the assessment but glad you now have Macmillan support. A Maggie’s centre provides cancer support in many areas. We don’t have one in Devon, but have something called FORCE. It offers support and advice for patients and carers. Your BC nurse may know what you have in your area. Hopefully something xx

Thank you janey, I’ve now found a maggies centre. I went to the ESA assessment & was told i will have to wait about 4 wks for outcome. X

That seems a bit of a long wait, but I’m hoping they will pay you in the meantime, while you’re waiting. So glad you’ve found a Maggies xx

Hi Janey,
Yes I thought it was a long wait but I’m still getting basic amount from them thank goodness!!