Essex Girls!

Hi All,
As there seems to be a few of us now, thought it would be better to have our own thread for keeping in direct contact with rather than hijacking others!

Lily, it would be nice to meet again pre-chemo, hopefully Sharon can come, anyone else? Hope you had a warmer night, and everyone feeling good this autumnal morning!

Tracey xx

Hi Tracey,
I’ve ‘spoken’ to you on a couple of other threads.
I’m an Essex girl but no longer undergoing treatment, do I qualify?
I was diagnosed april 06 had mastectomy, chemo, rads and am now on arimidex. I had a diep reconstruction april 07 and had the nipple recon and tattoo this year.
I’ve met quite a few women through bc forums and have found it fantastic support and made some really good friends.
Claire x

Hi Claire,

You are more than welcome, please join us, especially as Sharon and I are just about to start on the treatment. We need encouragment from others who have reached the other side!! I think I remember you saying you are also lobular like me. Are you in Southend? hope it’s lovely and sunny there today. Stay in touch,

Tracey x

Hi Tracey,
Just thought I’d give you a history as you can’t see profiles on here at the moment.
Diagnosed april 06 lobular bc L breast.
Initial plan was for chemo to shrink tumour then hopefully WLE.
Further scans showed tumour extending behind the nipple so mastectomy advised. Advised against immediate recon.
Pathology showed 3cm ILC with extensive LCIS and 10/12 nodes affected.
Had 6 rounds chemo - 3 EC, 3Taxotere followed by 3 weeks rads to chest wall and supraclavicular nodes.
Started on arimidex May 06.
Had Diep flap recon april 07, had to have implant sept 07 to achieve symmetry, nipple recon Jan 08 and finally tattooing June 08 - I’m very pleased with the result and was very fortunate to have no problems post op.
I’m 49 years old (47 when diagnosed), married for 19 years, have 2 children 17 and 12 and a dog.
I worked as a registered nurse in A&E for many years but gave up about 5 years ago to spend more time with my family…I have to say I don’t miss it!!!
Girls I’ll be more than happy to give you the benefit of my experience and any advice I can. I know at the start it can seem like a mountain to climb but you’ll get there, and I can honestly say although cr*p at times none of it was as scary as those first weeks from finding the lump to starting treatment.
Claire x

Hi Claire,

It’s really nice of you to give us all that info. You have certainly been through it and you have done really well. You are right about the first weeks being the worst - horrendous. I have, I must admit got the right wobblies about the chemo, which I guess it normal. Have visions of turning into the Incredible Hulk halfway through it! Hopefully I will feel more reassured when I see Onc on monday and find out my flavour and discuss it all. I will be having rads and hormone thingy after. I was working in pallative care when I was dx, but not working now. I had hoped to join Marie Curie when I had gained more experience but don’t know now if I will go back to it. I am 47, widowed and have 3 children 10 14 & 16, 3 cats and a 5month lab puppy! Thanks so much for your support Claire.

Tracey x

Hi all,

please can I join this thread? I’m 44. I’ve had neo-adjuvent chemo, mastectomy and am currently doing rads. I hope to have a reconstruction next year, probably the LD flap. It would be good to be in contact with some local ladies and to share experiences.

Best wishes, Liza x

Hi there, I’m an Essex girl but don’t know if I qualify. I had WLE for LCIS in Feb 2006. Then in Feb of this year had another WLE for “definitive diagnosis” as lots of funny changes on biopsy, turned out to have DCIS. Bilateral Mastectomy and Immediate Reconstruction with tissue expanders on July 23rd. Pathology showed extensive LCIS throughout both breasts as well as the DCIS, ALH and ADH. No further treatment needed. I’m having a difficult post-op recoevery as one of my expanders is moving and causing considerable pain and I’ve been told if it doesn’t settle the only option will be to have them removed. I live in Hornchurch.


Hi everyone, good on you TRacy for starting our own thread, I did keep meaning to do it but time has run away.
I have just come in from having reflexogy at the Rochelle House and feel very chilled. I can even have my own rescue remedy made up which I will take advantage of as when asked how I was started to say ok, nervous about next week annd before I knew it was crying!!
Tracy I was thinking about wednesday meeting up??? as Tues I am wig fitting, thurs would have started steroids and the house will be very tidy!!. When I was at the chemo unit on Wednesday picked up 2 cards for websites on scarves and hats so will post these later.
Trudis, course you’re welcome.
hope everyone is well and see you later.

SHaron xx

Hi All,

Sharon, the reflexology sounds brilliant, glad it has chilled you out a bit. Prof.S did say I should get myself down there and try it! Don’t worry about crying I’m blubbing on and off all the time, will share a huge box of kleenex with you! I didn’t know you have to have steroids on day before chemo. Wednesday should be okay for me so will try to keep it free.

Liza hope the rads are going okay for you and Trudie sorry you are having pain and trouble with expanders, hope they can sort it for you. Please do join in.

Tracey xx

Hi Tracey, sorry I have been spelling your name wrong. I have been quite blubbery today so the kleenex will be handy. I keep telling myself that this time next week chemo 1 will be over although waiting for the side effects have in store will be just as bad!

what time is your appt on Monday?

Love n hugs to everyone sharon xx

do people want to meet up on wednesday or thurs maybe???

sharon xx

Sharon, yes first chemo over this time next week and hopefully not too nasty side effects for you (or me!) I wish I could make you feel better, but I’m just as pooping it as you. Still think we should get the car sun visors ‘Tracey & Sharon are doing Chemo’ in true Essex Girl style! Appointment is 11am on Monday, trouble is daughter is doing a bit in Harvest Festival and think I’ll have to leave half way through. I haven’t got any plans for wednesday or thursday, although I expect they will be sending me off for a bone scan at some point - just something else to worry about. Hopefully Lily can come too.

Tracey x

Hello to everyone on the thread, I live just outside Chelmsford and I would be really pleased to meet any of you I have not already met. LOL that sounds like I didn’t like Sharon and Tracey - ha ha sorry you know that i didn’t mean that at all!!
Well if you don’t mind a ribena juggling act all over myself again I would love another meet up!! I am totally free on Wednesday and could squash in Thursday if a little earlier than last time. Someone who has more family ties make the decision and let me know. I am happy to meet at the Fox and Raven (Chelmer Village) as there is so much room or elsewhere if you fancy a change or nearer to your end of town. Or we could go somewhere easier if anyone further afield wants a meet. I will try to get Bev before she returns to work too and we can all hit her for having finished chemo instead of just me.
Looking forward to our big confidence boosting start to the next part for you Sharon and Tracey.
it will be fine, look at me an old wuss and they haven’t managed to slow me down for too long yet!
Love to you all
Lily x x

Tracey and Sharon,
I would like to try to reassure you a little…despite being a nurse and having a b-i-l who has had LOADS of chemo, I found waiting for treatment to start really awful, wondering how I’d feel, if the side effects would be bad, how I’d cope with losing my hair etc etc and actually the day of chemo was almost an anti-climax, I know that might sound mad!
They talk you through everything in great detail, telling you all the possibilities and what to do etc, give you loads of drugs to cope with side effects and then after you come home you sort of sit and wonder when they’ll start!! Well I did LOL…but actually it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared, I’m not saying it was a walk in the park and things didn’t always go to plan but it’s doable as I’m sure lots of others will tell you. Try not to worry to much (hard I know).
Hi Trudie, Liza and Lily.
Take care and have a lovely weekend.
Claire x

do we have a day and time?
hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the sun
Lily x

Hi Lily, Tracey said she would do this but as I have a chance to be on here, is wed at 12 at the Fox and RAven ok?? If anyone else is around that’s where we will be.

Sharon xx

Lily - Sharon and I will be meeting at Fox & Raven Wednesday at 12, hope you and Bev can join us (and anyone else that would like to).

Met Prof.D today, was very nice, will be having first FEC on Friday!!!

Hope you can come,

Tracey xx

Ooops silly me, just seen Sharon’s post - must have pre-chemo brain!!

Sharon - we posted at same time ha, ha,


Hi moonshine, I think it is great we will be starting 2gether. Do you have to have steroids before during and day after? injections for 5 days to boost your immune system??
Sharon xx