Essiac Tea

Essiac Tea

Essiac Tea Hi,

Has anyone tried Essiac tea, and if so where did you get it from and was it very, very expensive? Just been reading something about it being full of anti oxidants and being good for preventing cancer.

I’ve just finished all my treatments (apart from taking Tamoxifen for the next 5 years!) and am keen to do anything I can to help myself stay well!



Jean if you Google it there’s loadsa info. It was a native indian remedy somewhat adjusted by a Canadian nurse [essiac is an anagram of her name] in the bad old days of cancer. You could also Google Dr Johanna Budwig for her tumour busting recipe which has the advantage of being very simple and, whatever its anticancer properties, a splendid health food because of the Omega3 content.
Vitamin E from diet source [wheatgerm and or ground almonds on brek cereal] Vit C and a GOOD diet plus exercise are recommended. Keep the weight down, use very little alcohol, get enough sleep and enjoy life. Best wishes, dilly

Tea Hi

yes I have a friend who used essiac tea and was convinced it helped with energy levels and general health while she was having treatment. She ordered it through Argyle Herbs that I think are based near Bristol. Google them.

Otherwise, visit a herbalist. I have and it has really helped.

best of luck


Essiac tea Hi Dilly and Jenny

Thanks for that, I’ll give it a try. Anything’s worth a try isn’t it? Best of luck to you both.

Jean xx

hi, just to add my experience, i too had heard great things about this tea and took it for a good six months, unfortunately it didnt help me as i was diagnosed with mets and i couldnt say i felt any benefits, i asked my onc about it but he said it can interfere with some treatments and he told me not to spend too much money on these alternative remedies,