Estrogen negative, progesterone posirive

I was diagnosed with a Invasive Ductal carcinoma on 1-2-17. Had a lumpectomy on 2-2-17. The dr. got it all out and there was none in my lymph nodes. So, I thought I would be going for 5 weeks of radiation. Because of the weird combination of Estrogen negative, progesterone positive the Dr’s. had a hard time coming up with a plan for me. After their discussing it, they suggested that I have 4 chemo treatments. 1 every 3 weeks. I was very upset because I did not have any cancer found even in a PET scan and did not want to do the chemo. Well after some soal searching, I decided to do it as a prevention. The first 2 treatments were terrible. Had burns on my hands. The dr. changed the drugs from CT to CMF. I have an infusion on day 1 and 8 and 14 days of chemo pills.Then 2 weeks off. Yah! I took Day 7 pills today and have infusion on Tues. the 16th. Then after the 2 weeks off, I start #4 treatment and do the same thing. Then rest for a couple of weeks and then 5 weeks of radiation. I am sharing all this to find out if anyone else has had E+,P-? I caught mine early and everything was taken care of, still confused why they suggested chemo. Sure would appreciate any information on this. Thank you. Sheila 

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