Ethically Sourced Hair

Im looking into a human hair wig, but am a bit concerned about how ethically sourced the hair is? Does anyone know where the har comes from?

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I’m sorry you haven’t had any response to your question from other forum users as yet. You may like to try the BCC Headstrong team regarding your question or the helpline. I have put you the link to Headstrong below. Hope they can help.

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I am a wig supplier and currently 2 years post diagnosis and treatment. Human hair tends to be Indian or Asian…yak hair is known to be used where White/pale blonde is hard to source…one suggestion I have is to ask the manufacturer of the wig you intend to buy, they should be able to help you and have a code of practice for sourcing hair. The 2 British wig manufacturers are Trenco and Dimples.

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Thanks for that :slight_smile:
I have been on a few forums and have heard about hair harvesting, a donation process whereby hair is sold in London and used for wigs. Have you heard of this procedure before?

If you are referring to ‘hair harvesting’ I have recently had experience at Bloomsbury of London - the salon who does this procedure. I am very pleased with my results. Would be happy to discuss.

I have had a very positive experience with Bloomsbury of London -a London company whereby the ‘hair harvest’ method is used. I was equally concerned about the nature of the hair that I was investing in, and found that people sell their hair for the making of hair wigs out of choice.
Would be happy to chat

Hi Robert, thanks for your response. I would love to hear about this, as the background of the hair really is important to me. Does Bloomsbury ethically source their hair then? If it is out of choice I take it the donors receive money for their hair - correct me if I’m wrong.
Thanks again.

When I called up Bloomsbury to enquite about this, they were very passionate about their hair harvest procedure. This is when people sell their pony tails to the company, who directly pay the donors for this service.
It is all above board and the donors are aware beforehand of how much profit they will be receiving, and, as I was advised, donors are never forced to cut more hair than they are comfortable with. It is therefore completely out of choice.

Having seen your comment, I was initially in slight disbelief as I had never heard of this system before! I Googled ‘sell my hair’ and found - finding that this was linked to Bloomsbury, I gathered this was their website for the procedure.
How would you describe the quality of the hair that you received? Because of this system, was their a limited range of colour / style of hair?
Thanks Robert