Eva Weiler-Mithoff


I wonder if anyone is seeing this lady in the not too distant future?

I have two pressing questions that I would like to be put to her since she has pioneered lipo modelling in the UK. The first question is whether tissue that has been damaged as a result of radiotherapy i.e. turned to concrete, can be removed and substituted with tissue from another part of the body? The second question is if one has no surplus fat would it be feasible to harvest tissue from a sibling or would there be a risk of rejection?

Thank you to anyone who would be willing to ask this lady these questions.


Hi there
Won’t be seeing Eva as expect it will be her registrar but will try to assist…
I have just had my second lot of lipomodelling to a radio-hardened lat-dorsi recon which was dented and smaller than my second recon. This has significanlty softened the breast.
I expect the answer to your next question is it needs to be you own tissue (My hubby asked Eva if he could donate his nipples to me, very sweet of him!?, but she said it not anoption as body would reject his tissue) - I didn’t have a lot to lipiosuct but it worked ok … I am 5ft 4 and weigh about 9 1/2 stone.

who is this woman and in what area is she?
buff what did she do for you?
i am 9 stone and may consider recon…


Yes, I’ve now established that, currently, only our OWN tissue can be used. I’m about 50kg so rather slim and about 5’ 6 " and my recon is not good due to tissue damage from RT.

Eva W-M is in Glasgow, at Canniesburn and has a great reputation but it seems that other surgeons are now doing lipo modelling.

Buf - you have a very special man there, look after him!

Hi there, yes my hubby is a sweetheart if not a bit eccentric!
I had lipo to my stomach last year with fat put into my first recon which was hardened by radio and had dent at cleavage. Could not put enough in on the first go as skin tight due to radio so did a second lipomodelling a few weeks ago. This time she took fat from my thighs. I am 7 weeks post-op now and I think my boob is still smaller than my other recon but the dent from my cleavage is much less and quite acceptable now and the boob feels much softer due to the nice fat on top. It used to feel uncomfortable if squeezed and made me cringe …eg by doc! but ok now which is a real bonus.

I needed 3 weeks off work after my lipo from stomach but took 5 weeks this time as I was in a lot of sever discomfort and I must say, pain when I walked … I looked totally ridiculous walking for a few weeks, was VERY slow and could not go far.

Am feeling fine now.

You have to supply your own pressure garments and I got an all-in-one granny type of corset form M&S when stomach done which opened at the crotch (essential) and a Spanx high wasted pant. This time I struggled to get shapewear that went to my knees (my M&S shorts not long enough and my legs swelled up below them). I first of all got some pressure baselayer leggings from Wiggle but as the swelling went down I needed more pressure on my upper thigh and I found Brazilian lingerie (put those words in on google). These are totally fab and I love the plie control bermudas. I got my usual size which were horrendously tight at first but as the swelling went down are still suitable which is a good thing when you consider they cost about £26. They were comfy in hot weather too and in bed at night although I do wear cotton knickers under them as need to be on 24hrs a day for 8 weeks.

hope that is of help…

Hi Ladies

I am currently having rads (20 sessions - 40 Gray). Just wondered what are the chances of getting ‘concrete boob’?

How many fractions did you have? How long ago and did you have complete axilla clearance?

I am 57 so not too worried about the aestheitics - just the internal damage.

Thanks Jo

hi ladies
i am due to have double mastectomy as preventative surgery as i am brca2 positive. i have decided to have implants and wanted to know if anyone has had implants done by eva and did it work out okay? how long are you in hospital for too. eva seems really nice but still im dreading having it done and would appreciate some feedback thanks x